Avelomay powers up ecommerce with distributed warehousing option 


Powering up an ecommerce venture can be done several different ways. But at Avelomay, the most dependable, effective and profit-producing option in today’s demanding economic environment, is providing business clients with distributed warehousing. 

Distributed warehousing is a network of facilities situated across the country where the company stores products sent by ecommerce clients. This means that when a customer orders a product online, it is shipped from the closest warehouse to that address. This ensures customers get the products quickly and cost-effectively. And shipping errors are significantly reduced. 

Strategic positioning

The model of providing a network of warehouses strategically positioned nationwide is not new. But Avelomay has made massive improvements that remove the challenges and obstacles the growth and success of their ecommerce business clients.

Some order fulfillment companies have a few distributed warehouses, and others are in the piloting stage. Avelomay has several dozen distribution warehouses across the country. 

“This puts your products in the prime location for streamlined delivery to just about any location in the country,” the company says on its website at Avelomay.com. “The number and location of these facilities allow us to deliver faster and more accurately than anyone else.” 

Falcon Fulfillment, an order fulfillment provider, says is offers “multiple fulfillment centers.” 

And, according to its website, Deliverr is “piloting a program to bring its proprietary technology, processes and business to new operators to launch fulfillment centers across the country.” That move, the company says, will build its warehouse network for improved serve to its merchants and get items closer to buyers.

Deliverr also says it can adjust to the market demands with flexible storage options across its nationwide network. And it can strategically shift inventory to locations where demand is high.

On its website, ShipHype, an order fulfillment company, counts 4 fulfillment centers in Canada and the U.S., and plans to expand in both countries to better serve ecommerce clients. The company also points out that the United States is the biggest market for ecommerce sellers and plans are to open a warehouse facility on the East Coast. 

Secured warehouses 

Safe and efficient distributed warehouses provide the foundation for any order fulfillment or supply change operation.

Avelomay’s mission is to make sure that its ecommerce clients are comfortable doing with business with the order fulfillment provider. And, it ensures that relationship by outfitting its distributed warehouses with state-of-the-art technology to provide security, privacy and efficiency.

The company also relies on expert staff in conjunction with technology to ensure inventory is safe. It also carries out regular checks to make sure products are not damaged or in any way compromised. And business clients also have the added benefit of using the data and direction from the company’s integrated AI system to make educated business decisions.

“We re-enforce our specialists with technology and vice versa,” the company says on its website at Avelomay.com.

Similarly, Falcon Fulfillment offers warehousing services that include systems and technology that keep products safe. Once products are received, they are checked in electronically and monitored by a security system.

At Falcon, the company says it only recruit the finest and invest heavily in staff training. They are taught the company’s specialized packaging procedures in order to satisfy quality standards the company sets.

Like Avelomay, Deliverr offers ecommerce clients prep services. These services include kitting, bagging, labeling, bubble wrap, bagging, box building, and floor-loaded containers.